Merkur uses iTable™ for Infotainment

gepostet am 05. January 2013 um 09:15

Merkur trade chain uses the latest prototype of iTable in the new built training center

Contemporary light flooded architecture with flexible usable seminar rooms and a grassed terrace should convey the motivations to study. The training center is well equipped with state-of-the-art devices.

There under a prototype of peyote`s iTable™ with its large scale touch screen and the vertically adjustable frame. It is used for a broad range of applications like group meetings and internal training courses. The multiuser touch-screen is specially used for info- and editainment, a new way of playful learning. Syntesis software, also developed by peyote, supports the multiple fields of operation.
The former Merkur headquarter opened the new training center with a floor space of 1350 square meter in Vienna`s 11th district. In 2013 around 5.000 Merkur employees are participating in a large number of educational and advanced trainings.
As a part of the REWE group Merkur is one of Austrias leading trade chains in the F&B sector, operating 120 markets and employ around 9.000 members of staff.

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Oliver Irschitz