Leadership spirit - draft for a touring exhibition about King Fahd

gepostet am 04. May 2012 um 08:56

The Princess Al-Anood foundation, named after the King´s first wife, assigned Peyote with a concept for a touring exhibition

During his 26 years lasting regency King Fahd was responsible for the economic growth and the countries opening to the world. The touring exhibition should narrate the King´s life and work and will be shown in five different cities in Saudi Arabia.
King Fahd prepared the foundation for a new Saudi Arabia. He reformed the country and built up industry - the GDP increased strongly. At the same time he maintained religious values strictly, acknowledged tradition and encouraged people to open their mind to the world. Thus he was a person who understood to integrate modernism into traditionalism. This was also the inspiration to the design of the exhibition. peyote manifests this striding but still compoundable positions in the core design of the exhibition.

The traditional and the modern position are opposed to each other. Around 70% of the exhibition will be shown in traditional ways with common museum techniques like vitrines, picture and text. For the other 30% that represent the modern parts of the country some interactive media installations are planned.
The exhibition starts at the registration desk at the entrance. Then the topics can be explored at 6 large media stations, each about 5m long - a media-station always starts with a large interactive display, where people can interfere with the picture by waving their hands in front of it. Media-stations are positioned around a center square, where different glass vitrines mixed with media-vitrines show personal items from and around the King.

The square acts as a traditional basic pattern of the arabic culture. It used in a carpet underneath the exhibition elements und could build a semantic clamp around it. While walking around in the exhibition, people will also raise their heads to have a look at the ceiling - a big projection in the same size and position like the carpet on the floor will be shown. The graphics in the ?sky? should provide a nice ambience to the whole hall. Animated cloudy skies where a picture of King Fahd appears, relevant texts, sayings and phrases in arabic will flow over it.


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