peyote and next ENTERprise - Architecture and Exhibition Concept for the Financial Literacy Centre (FLC) of the Erste Bank

gepostet am 21. April 2014 um 19:53

peyote, along with next ENTERprise Architects, was the only Austrian team to be invited by the Erste Bank to partake in a competition centred on the conceptual, architectural and scenographic development and implementation of a new museum dedicated to financial knowledge.

The FLC forms part of the Erste Bank's Campus, which is to be built on the 26 000 square meter land mass of the former Südbahnhof. The integrated concept will be realized by means of the most advanced didactic and technological methods. Visitors will receive insight into the topic of money and its meaning to the individual and to society. In addition, the competence and responsibility required to handle money can be learned in a stimulating and playful manner.

The interactive exhibition is structured by abstracted, architectural elements such as mountains, boulders, horizons and knowledge trees. These room sculptures were used to locate information in the space and to thus make it more noticeable and tangible. For this, the principle of the "Informed Sculpture" was created.
Through a proprietary Augmented Reality (AR) Software for tablets and smartphones, the real room is charged with virtual information elements.
The localization and identification of visitors through their tablets, allows for the personalized facilitation of information. In addition, playful and entertaining content is taught to groups through various islands of knowledge by means of info and edutainment. Quantitative and qualitative data of the players is collected and evaluated on a daily basis and then illustrated in an abstract, aesthetic form, in a so-called "topography of values".

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