peyote Develops an Exhibition Concept for the new Argo Museum in Volos, Greece

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Together with a Greek architectural agency, peyote developed an integrated concept for the new construction of the Argo Museum in Volos.

The architecture of the building was designed by hhh architects and peyote was responsible for the exhibition concept. As part of a competition, the overall concept was submitted in a joint effort.

Interactive Exhibition - Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece
The newly constructed museum includes an interactive experiential exhibition, which was inspired by the voyage of the Argonauts in their ship Argo. In ancient Greece, the city of Volos, which originated from three closely spaced ancient cities, is the starting point of the Argonaut saga, in which Jason sets out on the quest for the Golden Fleece and while doing so, experiences numerous adventures. In each station the Argonauts, which comprise the "who's who" of the ancient world of heroes, had to overcome various obstacles.

The Main Exhibit is an Operational Model of the ship "Argo," in accordance with the Traditional Blueprint The Symplegades are in accordance with the Argonaut saga's two mythological rocky islands, which lie at the mouth of the Bosphorus to the Black Sea. One is located on the Asian side, and the other on the European side of the strait. On their way to Colchis, the Argonauts must pass through this unpredictable bottleneck. The two triangular building sections are symbolic of the two rocks and in the centre is the main exhibit, the ship Argo. The ship was built according to a traditional blueprint and is actually being used. It is of particular importance that the ship can be removed from the building and placed into the sea.

Multimedia Infotainment Installations for the Interactive Exhibition
The individual stages of the Argonaut's journey were modelled in a linear course with different experiential spaces and then depicted through multimedia. The exhibition is divided into individual themed islands with adventure character. In addition, individual exhibits are charged with information so that the visitors can get detailed information via smartphone or tablet.

With help of the latest multimedia technology, the visitor should be able to experience the exhibition individually, playfully and in an entertaining manner.

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