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Presenting unlikely!

Product: iFrame


At the T-Systems Congress 06, four speakers entertainingly navigated themselves through their lectures using an iFrame in front of an enthusiastic audience. A stage with a 3 x 4m screen and a shining 1x1 m white frame; in front, about 200 guests from commerce, industry and the public sector, excitedly awaiting the forthcoming presentations.

The first speaker entered the stage – an elegant wave at the frame and it started: an audio-visual magenta cube flew deafeningly through the room – returned and revealed the content of the presentation. The shining white frame, which made possible these intuitive, dynamic presentations, was the iFrame. An annual event, T-Systems offers the congress to its customers as a forum for innovative topics of the future, as well as a platform for discussions, lectures and for exchanging ideas.

Concept & Production: Oliver Irschitz, Programming: Werner Pötzlberger, Hannes Maier, Sound production & Composition: Markus Pöchinger

Peyote i Frame



Peyote i Table