Austria Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai :"Feel the Harmony", nature, technology and industry in a flowing space


Lecture and presentation at the convention "Medicine in Vienna"


Lecture at Braindays, Neusiedl, Austria


Presentation at the Linz University of Arts, Interface Culture Institute


Presentation of the new interactive therapy for stroke patients at the Vienna Research Festival, together with the IMS of the Vienna University of Technology.


Interactive media installation, as part of the Quell.Code media art project of Ars Electronica for the new SAP headquarters (Walldorf, Deutschland)

Lector for the course "Interactive Environments" at the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences

Lecture and presentation on motor rehabilitation within the scope of the AUVA convention

2006 "n o w h e r e", ein Welt Raum Spiel - Art project with Sylvia Eckermann & Gerald Nestler
Exhibited at: media@terra, International Art + Technology Festival, Athens, Greece
3rd International Digital Art Festival, Changzhou, China
11-art.com, Dashanzi Beijing, China
Architekturzentrum, Innsbruck, Austria

WSIS conference of the Federal Austrian Government and the United Nations

“n o w h e r e”, ein Welt Raum Spiel - Art project with friends, exhibition at the Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna

2004/05 Exhibition of iTube in the red dot design museum, NRW Design Centre (Zeche Zollverein, Essen, Germany)

CORP, international symposium on information and communication technologies in urban and development planning, Vienna 

Innovation Circle, presentation of the iFrame (Vienna)


Exhibition of iTube at Emerging Technologies, Siggraph (San Diego, USA), together with Flavia Sparacino (MIT Media Lab, USA) and Priam Givord (artist from Paris)

Platform Friendship / friendship@fluc and urban sound

Interactive media art and sound project at the Praterstern in Vienna, in collaboration with Cargnelli+Szely and [dy:namo].


Platform Friendship / C-bite interactive media art project using iTube within the scope of Cebit in Hanover

Lecture and presentation at MIT MediaLab (Prof. Joe Paradiso, Cambridge, USA)

Lecture and presentation at IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center (New York, USA)

Exhibition of iPoint at Future Design Days in Boras, Sweden


Presentation at the IDC e-commerce conference, Vienna


Presentation at Geoffrey & Wanits customer event, Vienna

Peyote i Wall



Peyote i Tube