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The Medicine in Vienna Congress

Innovative presentation technology at a large medical congress


Real-time 3D visualization instead of PowerPoint, intuitive hand signals instead of mouse clicks: at the "Medicine in Vienna" congress, 2,000 participants experienced the start of a new era in presentation technology.

As a "central communications platform", the annual "Medicine in Vienna" congress should give doctors and interested laypersons an understanding of the newest developments in medicine, according to the Mayor of Vienna Michael Häupl. According to this motto, the promoters also chose the most innovative presentation technology – and thus peyote. The lecturers' presentations were staged on three large screens (six by three metres in size). The speakers controlled their "slides" through simple hand movements using an iFrame by peyote.

On 31 January 2009, the large assembly room in Vienna´s city hall was the scene for the doctors' and medical congress "Medicine in Vienna". In order to guarantee all of the conference participants a perfect view of the presentations in this huge, elongated room, three large screens along the length of the room were controlled from the stage by a central computer. On stage was also a peyote iFrame, through which the lecturers could intuitively control their presentations. To do this, their "slides" were staged in an interactive real-time 3D environment by peyote. Freed from the speaker's rostrum and mouse, and free from concerns about technology, the lecturers could concentrate fully on their address – very much to the enjoyment of the interested audience.

The sponsors were presented in visuals using the same application during the breaks.

Concept & Production: Oliver Irschitz, Programming V4: Martin Zeplichal

Peyote i Frame



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Peyote i Tube