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In the past, Peyote has worked for many well-known names and locations: an exhibition at Ground Zero in New York, installations at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in the Tyrol, the exhibition in the Austria Pavilion at the Expo in Shanghai, installations for visitor centres such as Vattenfall in Germany and the Verbund in Austria, "The Public” gallery in West Bromwich, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems… The list is long.


Oliver Irschitz made his iTube, a mobile and interactive multimedia architecture, internationally famous. This flexibly-shaped tube made from lightweight elements was specially developed for transportation, as well as continuous assembly and dismantling. The iTube was awarded the "Adolf Loos State Prize" in 2001, in 2003 it was nominated the "Best Invention of 2003" by Time Magazine, and in 2004 won the "red dot design award".


In 2008, Irschitz won the red dot "Best of the Best" and the "Grand Prix" for the best project of a category, for his iTable, an interactive presentation table, against 6,000 submissions from around the world.


Irschitz is continually drawn to new areas, such as medicine in recent years: together with Viennese and Tyrolese clinics, Peyote has developed interactive exercise therapies called "Therapy Games", which are used for treating functional motor impairment after strokes. This was presented at the World Congress of Neuro Rehabilitation in Hong Kong in 2006, and is successfully being used at the Rosenhügel Neurological Rehabilitation Centre in Vienna.


Recently, Peyote produced the interactive exhibition in the Austria Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.


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