From the psychotropic cactus to interactive communication

Peyote – the cactus – already played an important role in the cultural life of South Americans even before the conquest of Mexico. As early as around 200 BC, early South Americans used it to enter spheres lying well beyond what is rational and comprehensible. Its hallucinogenic effect alters and expands human consciousness and changes reality to a completely new experience. After partaking of Peyote, smells, noises and, in particular, colours flow into a person's consciousness with an as yet unprecedented intensity. You too can now have this fascinating experience even without cactus and hallucinations with Peyote® cross design concepts.


Peyote is a company of the Tyrolese media artist and architect Oliver Irschitz that specializes in the development of interactive furnishings and installations. Peyote's special productions suitable for series manufacture can be used in numerous ways: they are in museums and are used by TV stations, at trade fairs and conventions, and in the rehabilitation of stroke sufferers.

The "i" in all Peyote products stands for interactive, intuitive, inspirational, integrable... All applications work on the shared principle of "move to click".
Passers-by, spectators, customers, patients, children – they can simply stand in front of Peyote solutions, but also walk past, go through or over, and communicate with the installation solely through their movements. They can obtain information; trigger images, films and music; move objects on the screen; play and learn.

Products and services can be presented just as well as architecture and properties, or museum and exhibition highlights. Interactive information and orientation systems can also be ideally implemented using Peyote technology. Real and virtual designs flow simply and elegantly into each other in all of the iSolutions.

All the solutions, whether the iInstallation, iWall, iTable or iFrame, were produced as prototypes and manufactured specially for customers and their requirements. Nevertheless, the tools have a series character.


iTechnology is versatile, can be used in very small to really huge ways; any format is possible, any surface or wall can be played on, and whole rooms can be converted into interactive zones.


Peyote i Frame



Peyote i Wall



Peyote i Table