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Elements of Nature as an interactive Playground!

iInstallations - interactive art and media installations


Vattenfall Europe AG, one of the leading energy companies in Germany, provides the cities of Berlin and Hamburg with electricity and heat. The group presents itself in both its visitor and consultancy centres using interactive installations by Peyote. The floor projections deal with the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth, as well as nature and energy. Different scenarios involving basic energy media are initially kept discreetly in the background. However, as soon as the surface is walked on by one or more people, the floor comes to life. Coal starts to glow under each step. In the water, shoals of fish swim towards feet, and visitors' steps set butterflies flying through the air.


The project was collaboratively produced by Peyote and the agency Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux

Concept & Production: Oliver Irschitz, Programming V4: Martin Zeplichal, Production 2D, 3D Graphics: Panos Papadopoulos, Sound Production & Composition: Markus Pöchinger

Oliver Irschitz