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Peyote wins Red-Dot Grand Prix with the iTable Showroom 2.0

iTable – information desk Showroom 2.0

The multimedia terminal Showroom 2.0, shows how a simulation can make reality into a true and sensory emotional experience. The real-time 3D application acts at the interface between the real and the virtual spheres. The customer operates the touch-screen, on which numerous details about the vehicles are simulated, along with the driving experience, and at the same time can configure his or her individual ideal vehicle using haptic control elements in the form of model vehicles and paint samples.
The intuitive navigation of the terminal playfully includes the customer in the consultation process.

Showroom 2.0 was collaboratively produced by Peyote and people interactive (Cologne) and in 2008 received the Best of the Best at the red dot awards and the Grand Prix for the best project in its category from among 6,000 submissions from around the world.

Design, Concept, Interface Design & Production: Oliver Irschitz, Production 2D, 3D Graphics: Panos Papadopoulos, Programming: Adam Gokcezade, Sound Production: Markus Pöchinger

Oliver Irschitz



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