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The Public Gallery, Birmingham

iInstallations - interactive art and media installations


"The Public” gallery in West Bromwich, in the West Midlands, UK, is a total artwork - a venue for experiences for visitors where they can communicate in different ways with the works of art of numerous international media artists, and in doing so they themselves become part of the art work. Peyote has designed and produced three installations in "The Public” gallery together with the media artists LIA and Miguel Carvalhais.

Favourite colour, age, height - personal coordinates saved on a RFID chip on the wrist of each visitor make sure that "The Public” gallery always presents itself in a new way. The giant multimedia installations, which meld with the architecture of the building, react to their observers, and they themselves can also actively intervene. They can interact with the digital flows of "Datafall" and "Content Pool" 1 and 2 through six Peyote iFrames. A simple hand movement makes each observer a formative element of the art.

Artistic Concept: Lia & Miguel Carvalhais, Production & Interface Design: Oliver Irschitz, Programing V4: Martin Zeplichal, Sound Production: Miguel Carvalhais

Peyote i Frame



Peyote i Tube